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Portfolio Competency

This is my collection of artifacts that are selected to demonstrate specific competencies in portfolio development knowledge and skills. I have been researching, presenting and writing about electronic portfolios since 1991. This collection shows the growth in my thinking about electronic portfolio development between 1991 and 2004.

Apple Learning Interchange Exhibit on Electronic Portfolios
I developed this Expert Exhibit on Electronic Portfolios for Apple Computer as an Apple Distringuished Educator. I was flown down to Apple’s office in Austin to record the video clips, which I am not very pleased with the results. Some day I will redo the whole exhibit, with new video clips.

Publications on Electronic Portfolios
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These specific papers published on my website highlight the change in my thinking about electronic portfolios between 1994 and 2006.

My Website on Electronic Portfolios
This is my web site on electronic portfolios in education. I started working on this website in 1995, on the server that I set up for the University of Alaska Anchorage School of Education. I bought my own domain names in 2000, and have been updating it ever since. You might say that this web site contains the archive of my professional work in electronic portfolio development since my research started in 1991. I actually have three URLs that point to this same page: http://electronicportfolios.com, http://electronicportfolios.org, http://helenbarrett.com

My ‘Blogger’ blog
I started to experiment with blogs in the spring of 2004. Within a couple of months, this blog has been highlighted on several lists of recommended educational blogs. I have enjoyed writing in this blog, to use it as a way to explore my own thoughts and reflections on my experiences. As a result of writing in this blog, I am experimenting with other tools, as well, to see how various blogging software would work to construct e-portfolios.



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